Calling all Gravel Riders!!

Spring 2024 Gravel rides kicking off soon!

Come join weekly group rides- every Wednesday afteroon departing from Elora Ski & Cycle at 6pm

Lots of great loops to choose from and explore

Rides will start as soon as weather allows! Check Facebook and Instragram for updates…see you soon!

For more information contact:

Elora is Electrified! Join the E-Bike Revolution!

2024 E -Bike Models are rolling in... you don't want to miss out!


“Growing Up Never Stops & Neither Does Keeping Up With Their Gear.”



All Bataleon boards are hand-built in Austria at the Mothership with focus on craftsmanship and exceptional materials. Not only do Bataleon boards ride well but they look great, with graphics that stand out from the crowd.
Bataleon snowboards feature their patented 3D base geometries (3BT) and have been at the forefront of a snowboarding revolution. If you’re looking for snowboard technology that works, then Bataleon has your back.

Elora Ski & Cycle Welcomes ROME Snowboards to the Line-up!

All Ways Down

Since 2001, Rome Snowboards has been guided by the idea that snowboarding is a passion worth pursuing at all costs. The modern version of this idea is our brand tagline, ‘All Ways Down’. It means we’re all in for everything and anything snowboarding encompasses, and that there is no wrong way to get down the mountain, except skiing of course.

‘Til the last patch melts, the edges rust off and the chairs stop spinning.

All Ways Down.

Winter Season 23/24 has arrived at Elora Ski & Cycle

Winter is upon us and we have you coverered head to toe!

Great selection, competitive pricing and knowledgeable service.

Alpine, Nordic, Boards, Snowshoes, Fat Bikes, Outerwear and the finest hand wax tuning to keep you gliding all season long!

Browse our inventory and feel free to call or email for anything specific!

Pray for Snow!!

Elora Ski & Cycle Welcomes


Bianchi is the most historic and prestigious brand of bicycles. The heritage, over 130 years strong, started in Milan in 1885 with Edoardo Bianchi, cannot be equalled in the cycling world. The positioning embodies the best of what Italy can offer to the world: a commitment to build products as artisans – “a regola d’arte”, distinguishing design, style and taste.

The wide-range of products fans out gradually to meet the needs of the professional and the casual rider, one who loves nature or one who simply wants to move quickly through urban traffic. We provide the ideal bicycle for every type of cyclist.

Edoardo Bianchi said that the best way to test a product was to race it. That’s how the Reparto Corse or Racing Department was born. You can always learn something from man’s extreme fatigue racing a bike. Bianchi has always been able to take full advantage from those sensations and feedback to improve and test every bike thoroughly. Just like in motor racing, we have always had a dedicated division following the riders to improve in competitions. Innovation, science and technology come together with man’s sensations. It is not a mystery that for over 100 years this dedication has allowed our champions to win and enabled Bianchi to deliver excellence.


Elora Ski & Cycle Welcomes


Our mission is to make the best possible bikes and accessories for adventure. The Salsa team has centuries of collective experience riding, working on, thinking about, and designing bikes. This background informs everything we do. It inspired us to develop the industry’s first gravel race bike (Warbird) and full-carbon fat tire bike (Beargrease). It pushed us to dream up drop-bar bikepacking machines such as Fargo and Cutthroat. It influenced our mountain bikes’ characteristic ride quality and innovative Split Pivot + design philosophy. It helped us innovate equipment ranging from handlebars to cargo. It’s leading our path forward.

Elora Ski & Cycle Events and News

Elora Ski & Cycle Team
Cycling Jerseys Now Available in Store!

Welcome to Elora Ski & Cycle!

We are committed to providing the absolute best quality to each and every one of our customers. We are only finished when you are happy. Offering high end services at fair pricing to Elora and surrounding communities.

Natalie and Renato originally opened shop in 2018 in their vintage 1921 shop. They’ve expanded their home based business to Elora to share their passion for all things ski and cycle! They have been helping friends and family enjoy their bikes, skis, and boards like never before.

Come visit us and book an appointment and become part of the Elora Ski & Cycle family!